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The Flexel “Central Control System” is a multizone central heating control system. It consists of a centrally located colour touch screen panel that communicates wirelessly with thermostats and sensors throughout your home. It is a modular system that is fully scalable up to 24 heating zones. It allows convenient control of your whole home, enabling you to maximise comfort and heating efficiency from a central location. Ideal for control of all type of electric heating systems; underfloor heating, radiant panels, convector heaters or ceiling heating. The upgraded v24 WiFi allows for control of your heating system through an intuive iOS or Android app.

  • Wireless installation between control system components reduces wiring costs and decoration disruption
  • Simple installation and setup
  • Modular system – fully scalable for future expansion (up to 24 zones).

  • Colour touch screen panel for simple use
  • Convenient centrally control
  • Wirelessly controls your whole house heating system


V22 wireless programmable thermostat which
allows temperature adjustment in individual rooms. (OPTIONAL)


V23 wireless wall mounted reciever/switching unit. Connected to the
230V mains, this unit switches the connected heating on/off. It has a
floor probe facility for use with floor heating. (COMPULSORY)



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The V22 Wireless Programmable Thermostat is designed to provide wireless time and temperature control to heating systems in domestic and light commercial buildings. It is ideal for use in renovation projects where it is impractical to run wires from the room thermostat to the heating appliance being controlled. Ideal for control of all type of electric heating systems; underfloor, radiant panels, convector heaters or ceiling heating.

  •  Wireless installation from thermostat location to heating appliance reduces wiring costs and decoration disruption
  • Easy setup, Choice of 9 factory preset programs to reduce set up time
  • Capable of controlling up to 4 reciever/switching units (v23)

  • 7 day programming with digital accuracy. Up to 6 time/ temperature settings per day
  • Manual override with timer function
  • Heat symbol display shows on call for heat
  • Auto, manual, holiday and off ( frost) modes
  • Display battery powered using 2 x 1.5V AAA batteries (supplied)
  • V22 Thermostat can control up to 4 V23 switching units ( 1 x master and 3 x slaves)
  • V23 receiver/switching unit rated to 16 Amp at 230V
  • V23 receiver/switching unit has a floor probe connection facility for use with underfloor heating

Technical Information
  • Placement: wall or stand
  • Frequency: 868Mhz
  • Range: 30 metres
  • Power supply: 2 x AAA 1.5V (inc) – approx life 2yrs
  • Thermostat Dimensions:83x75x24mm WxHxD
  • Reciever Dimensions: 89x89x24mm WxHxD
  • IP rating: 30

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The new Flexel-Touch is designed to be the simplest to use electric underfloor heating control available.

The Flexel-Touch comes packed with innovative features to optimise your comfort and minimise running costs with the simplest touch screen interface.

A large full colour backlit touch screen provides simple programming by guiding you through program setup and adjustment - no need for any complicated instruction manual.

Features include:

Easy to use - touchscreen interface makes any adjustment easy.

Easy installation - choice of 4 factory preset program schedules to get your heating working quickly.

Intuitive Programming - simple to use graphical display with a choice of screen colours.

Energy Efficient - optimise comfort and save energy with multiple time and temperature settings.

Energy Monitor - shows how much energy is being used and when.

Attractive Styling - choice of thermostat finishes and display options

Maximum load: 16 Amps, 230V AC, 3680W
Electrical Protection: Class II
External Sensor Compatibility: 10K, 12K or 15K OHMs
Floor Sensor Type: NTC, 3M cable
Dimensions H/W/D: 90 x 90 x 19 mm
Installation Depth: 22mm
Warranty: 3 years
Approvals: EN 60730-1:2003


The TH232 is a premium quality programmable thermostat that is ultra compact and provides precise control of the ambient temperature with a floor limit.

Features include:

Compact Design - One of the smallest, most attractive designs on the market. Programme buttons are hidden behind facia doors to provide an attractive flush finish.

Intuitive Programming - Simple to set-up and programme. It has a large easy to read LED with intuitive programming icons.

Polar White Finish - Classic colouring will suit all room environments

TH232 is supplied with a 3m floor sensor cable


The TH131 is an electronic thermostat developed for optimal regulation of underfloor heating systems.

TH131 is a simple to use thermostat. Temperature control is via a simple analogue dial.

The thermostat has three modes of operation. Choose between room thermostat, floor thermostat or a combination of room thermostat with floor limit sensor.

TH131 is supplied in polar white with a 3m floor sensor cable.


The E3521 is an electronic room thermostat designed for easy control of radiant heating panels.

E3521 is very easy to use. Temperature control is via a simple accurate, analogue dial.

E3521 is supplied in polar white.


The E3545 is a tamper proof thermostat designed for simple control of radiant heating panels.

E3545 is ideal for public areas or carehomes, where a constant temperature is needed, without the risk of unwanted changes.

The temperature can be set, and then the tamper proof faceplate added.

E3545 is supplied in polar white.

Product Controls

Product CodeDescriptionPrice ex VAT (£)
V22Wireless programmable room thermostat66.95
V23Wireless receiver/switching unit (16A, 230V)66.95
V24Central touch panel control unit140.08
V24 WiFi
WiFi enabled central touch panel control unit
ET16WWhite touchscreen thermostat87.55
ET16BBlack touchscreen thermostat90.64
ET16SSilver touchscreen thermostat90.64
RASOptional remote auxiliary sensor16.48
Manual thermostat51.50
TH232Digital programmable thermostat (15A)70.04
TH232PRReplacement floor probe15.45
Manual room thermostat (16A)28.84
E3545Tamper proof room thermostat (16A)44.29


V24 WiFi

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